A specialized production house fully focused on cycling … that's àvélo. Founder and TV Producer Flavio Pasquino achieved his dream of becoming a professional in 2012 at the age of 39. In 2013 he returned to his old profession… producing TV… but this time 100% Cycling.



Summaries we do with 1 motorbike, 1 cameraman + 1 reporter. If there’s no “no-fly zone“, we can also provide a drone with a licensed operator. Often, we arrange a broadcast of the summary on the regional channel since we have good relationships with all of them.

Livestream & TV

We served several UCI 1.2 ​races ​with a live stream. We offer low budget ​solutions on a 4G ​platform but ​always ​with a high end look & feel.

With 2 motorbikes, 3 finish cameras, 2 commentators and 2 analysts, we do produce a high quality livestream that can simply be broadcasted on TV with an uplink.

We produce Live TV both on 4G (WMT) and RF (traditional radio frequency) for several broadcasters such as Eurosport 1.


We have a strong sense of cycling and tailor made content production. Our USP lies in the rare combination of colaborations with Cycling Federations, Cycling Service, Amator- and Professional teams, sponsors and dozens of race organizers.

As a result, we understand our clients well and we can operate in a complementary way. Both sports- and sponsorwise we are highly experienced, and this makes us more of a partner. For example, we support organizers regularly with issues like; sponsoring, look & feel, propositions, communication, their logo, their website, social media, the ceremony podium, the finishing bow, hosting and the ceremonyprotocol in general. If desired, we can fully facilitate these matters through our network.



Tacx Pro Classic UCI 1.1 – Eurosport 1 LIVE

Veenendaal Classic UCI 1.1 – Eurosport 1, LIVE

Kernen Omloop Echt Susteren – highlight L1TV

Topcompetitie Finale – Highlight 25 min. Eurosport 1



For the next 4 years we will provide all content for the Dutch Topcompetitie. For the Topcompetitie we run the website, seak for sponsors,  support organizers with their event, and produce short summaries for online and broadcasts on regional channels. We also produce 25 min. TV broadcasts for Eurosport 1. We closed a 4 year (2017 – 2020 / Olympic cycle) broadcast deal with Eurosport regarding the Topcompetitie. More information at www.topcompetitie.nu.


We do quit the same for the Clubcompetitie as we do for the Topcompetitie apart from broadcasting on TV. However, the Clubcompetitie benefits from the Topcompetitie by regular updates in the Topcompetitie broadcasts on Eurosport 1. More information about the Clubcompetitie can be found at www.clubcompetitie.nu.



The Belgian Motomediateam led by former cyclist Dirk van Laer is our preferred supplier for 4G / WMT productions. Motomediateam is highly specialized in cycling and bursting of passion and devotion. A better match is unthinkable in a fast developing branche that asks for vision and new solutions. More information about Motomediateam can be found at www.motomediateam.be.

Martijn Lindenberg

Former Chief Studio Sport (Dutch Public Sport Channel), winner of an Emmy Award for his registration of cycling on the Los Angeles Olympic Games and rewarded with the Ere Nipkow Schijf (an important Dutch Media Award). Martijn Lindenberg is a legend but most of all a professional and thus an absolute added value in our high end productions.


In addition to the Top- and Clubcompetitie, we produce many highlight and live reports on behalve of race organisers.

Yet produced and available on demand via these links:

04-03-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL), Craft Ster van Zwolle, Topcompetitie

12-03-2017 – Livestream, Dorpenomloop Rucphen UCI 1.2

25-03-2017 – Online Report, Grote Omloop van de Veenkoloniën, Clubcompetitie

08-04-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL), Omloop van de Braakman, Topcompetitie

22-04-2017 – Livestream, Arno Wallaard Memorial, UCI 1.2

23-04-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BE)  – L1TV, Ton Dolmans Trofee, Topcompetitie

13-05-2017 – Online Report, Zuid Hollandse Eilanden, Clubcompetitie

19-05-2017 – Online Report, Parel van de Veluwe, Clubcompetitie

21-05-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL) Simac Omloop der Kempen, Topcompetitie

27-05-2017 – Online report, Omloop van de Hoekse Waard, Clubcompetitie

03-06-2017 – Online Report, Omloop Kerspelen, Clubcompetitie

04-06-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL) – L1TV, Ronde van Limburg, Topcompetitie

11-06-2017 – Online Report, Acht van Noorderveld, Clubcompetitie

21-06-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL) + online report, Nationals Ind TT U23

24-06-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL) + online report, Nationals Roads U23

28-06-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BEL)+ L1TV,  Ind. TT Vaals, Topcompetitie

01-07-2017 – Online Report, Team TT, Clubcompetitie

09-07-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BE), Ind. TT  Emmen, Topcompetitie

13-08-2017 – L1TV + Online Report, Hel van Voerendaal, Clubcompetitie

18-08-2017 – Eurosport 1 LIVE TV (NL/BE) + 2 provincials, Veenendaal Veenendaal, UCI 1.1

20-08-2017 – RTV Gelderland LIVE TV, Ronde van de Achterhoek, national classic

03-09-2017 – L1TV + Online Report, Kernen Omloop Echt Susteren, UCI 1.2

09-09-2017 – Online Report, Finale Weekend Ureterp, Clubcompetitie

10-09-2017 – Online Report, Finale Weekend Ureterp, Clubcompetitie

17-09-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BE) + L1TV, HLB Van Daal Eurode Omloop, Topcompetitie

14-10-2017 – Eurosport 1 (NL/BE) + Omroep Zeeland, Tacx Ronde van Zeeland UCI 1.1

Next productions:

02-03-2018 – RTV Utrecht, Wattmeister Challenge  / Bikemotion 2018, Topcompetitie